Summer has practically come to an end and the long days of sun, beach, swimming pool, chlorine, sea salt ... take their toll on the hair. Now it's time to think about what to do to regain the healthy, shiny look we love to wear.

1. If during the summer you have maintained some basic routines for the care of the same: Used hat or scarf that protects you from the sun, done weekly Masksmoisturizers, specialized shampoos for your hair type, repair serums, the thing will go better now that it is the crucial moment with which to deal with the damage caused by the already longed for summer.

2. The best thing you can do is to give yourself a daring cut by removing all the open ends and sun damaged, if you do not go radical changes will be enough to do a review on the tips, that will be enough to make the first step in the cure that our hair cries out for.

3. Pídele a tu peluquero que te realice un tratamiento intensivo de keratina para recuperar las propiedades que ha perdido en estos meses tanto por dentro como por fuera.

¿Tu cabello está dañado, seco, sin brillo difícil de manejar? La keratina será tu aliado incondicional.

4. Remember that in the market there are several treatments based on keratin and not all are suitable for personal use, if you are not a professional you could hurt your hair even more. Keep it in mind! We recommend "SMOOTHING EFFECTIVE TREATMENT KERATIN + VEGETAL POLYPHENOL" by Voltage Cosmetics.

5. Forget for a while about perms, hair irontweezers and excessive use of the dryer. They damage the hair and our goal now is to repair it.

6. It is known that the use of Masks capillaries is beneficial to the good health of our hair by providing extra care, deep hydration, shine, softness and the necessary nutrients.

7. If your hair is dry and very punished because of the dyes the solution is the repair pack shampoo and mask cerezotherapy.

8. If you want to give your hair the shine, life and volume of healthy hair, the solution is the collagen capillary repairer.

9. Don't forget an ancient and very beneficial beauty habit for your hair. Daily brushing. We recommend doing it twice a day, in the morning and at night. To know which type of comb or brush to use it is necessary to know your hair type, long, thick, fine ... talk to your hairdresser. He'll recommend the right one.

10. Finally and to guarantee the recovery of your hair the infallible product that becomes unconditional for all those who try it: absolute hair lifting 500 drops.

¡Con tan sólo una gota bastará para notar sus beneficios!

Written by Lidia Molina