Voltage Cosmetics was born on July 22, 2004. Two twos placed at the beginning of a great date that augurs a good start.

For us, the 2 has great meanings. In the language of numerology represents: empathy, cooperation, adaptability, consideration of others, supersensitivity to the needs of others. Symbol of balance, union and receptivity.

2 is a good associate, mate or partner, it does a great job as referee or mediator: it is modest, sincere, spiritually influenced and good diplomat.

The two also represent the couple, it is the symbol of the victory, of love and of peace.

It is the number of artists and people with romantic sensibility.


If we put two twos in front of each other, the result is a nice heart. And it is precisely with this concept, that of emotions, with which we will stay.
And it is exactly this capacity of being able to transmit emotions, the quality that psychologists praise, because crying is a way of liberating anxieties and sorrows.
Emotions are often defined as a complex affective state, a subjective reaction that occurs as a result of physiological or psychological changes influencing thoughts and behavior. Emotions play a fundamental role in a person's health process and they also generate a focus on a person's attention rate.
There are some popular phrases that says:
"What moves humans is emotion, not reason."
Emotions exert great force on us and influence our thinking and our behavior, so they have a great weight in the study of psychology.