Este artículo va dirigido a todas las mujeres, podemos tener 20, 25, 35, 40… eso es lo de menos, ya que con 25 en un abrir y cerrar de ojos nos veremos en lo 35, y en un suspiro en los 40.

¿Qué queremos decir con esto? 

Sencillo, cuando tenemos 20 o 25 años nuestro cabello esta vigoroso, fuerte, con vitalidad y un gran brillo.

We are talking about the pattern of a woman who takes care of her hair, without abusing ithair iron, permanent, straightened and who makes good use of shampoos and Masksadapted to her hair type.

The cut of hair, color and hairstyles or gathered that we take to this age usually are long or very long, my bold and attractive colors to harness the natural beauty that has with the age of which we believe will be the eternal youth, then we see that it is not like that, and with the time we found out that we obtained the opposite effect, we subtracted natural beauty calling the attention more by the look that by the own beauty.

¿Los colores?

Nos da un poco lo mismo, con 25 años nos lo permitimos y atrevemos con casi todo, y con los recogidos más de lo mismo, aunque ahí sí que podemos decir que esta el triunfo de la juventud. Podemos llevar un recogido formal y a pesar de que nos pueda añadir años, no tenemos nada que perder, somos tan jóvenes … si el recogido es informal despeinado o desenfadado, lo acompañamos con un look que vaya a juego y todo queda en un outfit del que seremos el referente de muchas de nuestras seguidoras o amigas, todo está permitido con 20 o 25.

Things change with time, what we could afford a few years ago we question very much with a few more years.

From a certain age what we want is to look younger, let's not commit the clumsiness of continuing with the same cuts, gathered and colors of hair that in the past, nor hide the age that we have, we count with 35 or 40 and yes! nobody would say it.

Let's go with some suggestions

  • Out of extra long hair unless you've been lucky enough to be endowed with exuberant beauty, then you could afford it, but as there are few of those better to do without them, the parade of half-haired hair or midis, short hair that is not too masculine or too marked are the most flattering and comfortable to take care of.
  • To pass of very dark dyes and very marked wicks, they will harden you the features and they will make greater. Choose softer tones such as honey, chocolate brown, copper ... if what you want are a few strands, from voltage cosmetics we say NEXT! better very soft reflections that go from medium to tips, or the new California strands that have been so successful. Talk to your hairdresser and let him advise you, there are factors to take into account such as skin tone or eye color that will make the tone chosen your best ally.
  • This winter is the tendency the bangs, try not to have it cut too much, leave it under your eyebrows and ask to be paraded to have more movement, will give you an air of freshness with which you will feel like a twenty-something.
  •  Too many formal pickups add years. The very clear fronts and with too much fixation, the canacados hair, the gathered ones with too much volume or carded, flees of this type of gathered ones, they will give you an image too serious and sophisticated that will add years to you above. He bets on simple and semi-loose pickups, with little volume and a lot of movement. For example, starting with a pigtail, leaving loose tufts, from there better try to see what look we find the most rejuvenating, you will surely be surprised at how skillful you are.


If a few years ago we took care of the hair, now we will give special attention, the time has not passed in vain.

We suggest a shampoo for daily use that recovers the properties of young hair, with shine, elasticity and softness. Characteristics of our fresh-therapy shampoo.Voltage Cosmetics

To repair, rejuvenate and nourish the fibrecapillary it is advisable to use a weekly mask based on KERATINAIt will deposit on the hair the keratin that is missing with the passage of time, closing and sealing the capillary cuticles.

As a conclusive step, a repairing serum that provides an absolute lifting to your hair.

Remember! The best adornment of the woman is simplicity, personal care and know how to be, without forgetting that "Sometimes the less is the more."

Written by Lidia Molina